The Landscape of Innovation 2018

Trends in Development, Discovery, and Disruptive Technologies

This presentation, initially shared as Super Session talk at BIO 2018 in Boston, evaluates major trends in drug development, discovery, partnering, and disruptive technology investments.  The work is grounded in a meta-analysis of asset concentration and ownership (as a metric of transactions by phase of development) across therapeutic areas, and highlights clinical areas where investment and development concentration is under-represented relative to commercial spend.  The study ultimately highlights how the value-creating points of inflection change across clinical domains and other critical insights for start-ups, investors, and acquirers alike.  The analysis includes a deep dive into an emerging set of nucleic acid technologies, comparing their relative capabilities and highlighting the critical mass of recent and upcoming data points as the field rapidly continues to advance.  The document highlights one consistent trend – that innovation and discovery continue forward at a rapid pace in the biotechnology and pharma world.