Rare Disease Genetic Testing Support Programs

As genetic testing becomes more accessible, how are companies incorporating these technologies into their strategy?

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The Role of RWE in Supplemental or Conditional Approvals

RWE has become increasingly important in supporting supplemental or conditional drug approvals. Where is the space headed?

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Trump/HHS Proposal to Change Federal Drug Rebates

What are the implications of the DHHS' new plan to overhaul prescription drug rebates for federal beneficiaries?

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Solving for the Future: Building Strategy through Forecasting

Key guiding principles for effective forecasting, common pitfalls, and how to use a forecast to develop better strategy

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Developing a Go-To-Market Strategy for Your Lead Asset

Launching a new therapy is a complex endeavor. We will review the various activities key to a successful drug launch.

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Building Flexibility into Your R&D Strategy

How can flexibility in clinical development can be incorporated at various points along an asset’s life cycle

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BIO International Convention

Principal Sam Ulin will give a presentation on The Landscape of Innovation 2019: Drivers of Value for Innovators on June 3, 2018.


Aligning Access Investments to Today’s Payer Realities

Navigating new challenges of market access and reimbursement for new pharmaceuticals in today's market

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The Evolving Market Access Landscape for Orphan Drugs

Recent changes in the orphan drug market access landscape and implications for pharmaceutical developers

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Greater Value Creation with Digital Health

Distinct ways that medtech companies can incorporate digital health technologies into their portfolios

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Investing in Rare Disease Patient Advocacy Groups

Investing early in PAGs’ success is a sound strategic move that may increase a company’s chances of success by forming a collaboration that enhances patient access

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The Challenges of Gene Therapy

Building a well thought-out plan to establish evidence of safety and of clinical utility to establish trust in a new platform

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Opportunity Assessment Through the In-Licensor’s Lens

Technical and transactional assessments required to identify the right type of partnership for a biotech’s asset or platform and overall business needs

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