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As a Senior Analyst at ClearView, my days are busy and varied.  I’ve worked on roughly 6 projects in my first year and have learned a tremendous amount with support from my managers and the senior leaders.  While there really isn’t a typical day at ClearView, many days include a mix of primary research interviews, project meetings, internal initiatives, and client calls.

A recent day for me included the following:

8:00 am
Head Into the Office
I leave my apartment in Back Bay and walk to the express bus in Copley Square. It’s a 5 minute walk and I stop at the Starbucks on the way. The express bus runs non-stop to ClearView and I’m at my desk by 8:30.

8:30 am
Settling In
Once in the office, I catch up with my colleagues and then settle in at my desk to go through emails before getting ready for a physician interview. My inbox is clear and I pick up my materials and move to one of the call rooms.

9:00 am
Physician Interview
For the next hour, I am conducting a phone interview with a key opinion leading pulmonologist. The goal of the call is to gather the physician’s perspectives and recommendations for developing a new biologic drug for severe Asthma. We discuss areas of clinical need, target patients, trial endpoints, and the competitive landscape. I take notes throughout the interview and summarize them at the end of the call.

10:00 am
Regrouping with My Manager
As this was one of the first interviews conducted for this project, I sit down with my manager and talk through what is working well with our interview guide and where we may need to make some changes. We also discuss key insights from the call and how they may contribute to recommendations for our client. We agree on a few small edits to make to the interview guide before the next research call.

10:30 am
End of Case Review
My last project included developing a strategic forecast for a client planning a new indication for a lead product in their portfolio. This was my first forecasting project and, as with every project at ClearView, we go through an end of case review where I discuss my performance with my manager and the project lead. We discuss where I did particularly well, as well as areas for continued growth.

11:00 am
Building Working Session Slides
Back at my desk, I am now focused on completing a working session presentation for an upcoming meeting that will be live at the client site. I’ve already developed and reviewed an outline with my manager and have about half of the 20 slides completed. Using the ClearView slide bank, I’ve been able to streamline creation of the simple slides, which allows me to focus my time on developing slides for the most important and impactful work session topics.

12:30 pm
Team Meeting/Lunch and Learn
Today, we have our biweekly all-hands meeting where the entire ClearView team gets together over lunch to go through company developments, hear about recent projects, and address various administrative items. In today’s meeting, a colleague is also presenting a 15 minute training on global developments in the biosimilars market.

1:30 pm
Finalize Working Session Slides
I have a few complicated concepts to build out within the last 5 slides of my presentation and I need a few pointers, so I sit down with my manager to bounce around ideas and get her perspectives. With greater clarity on what I want to highlight, I finish the last few slides and send them through to the internal team for review.

3:00 pm
Take a Coffee Break
My days are typically pretty busy, so I’m not surprised to look up and see that it’s already 3:00. A few colleagues are heading out to grab an afternoon coffee and I join them to take a quick break. We discuss how projects are going and everyone’s plans for the weekend.

3:30 pm
Back to Emails
My inbox is getting pretty full again, so I work through the most important items first and then read the daily update email on transactions in the pharmaceutical industry. I also use a few minutes to prep for my next interview.

4:00 pm
Clinical Pharmacist Interview
Back to a call room for my next interview. This interview is with a hospital-based clinical pharmacist. My goal is to understand the pharmacist’s role in developing treatment protocol for patients suffering acute Asthma exacerbations that have led to an ER visit. My manager and I have discussed what we are likely to hear during the call and have prioritized key questions to focus on in the discussion so the interview goes smoothly and I capture some new insights.

5:00 pm
Client Call
The project team and I head to a conference room to conduct a project update call with the client. We review the project timeline and our progress before discussing some of the preliminary insights we are capturing from the research. I provide a quick summary on what we’ve been hearing and my project lead interjects with how it may contribute to some of the strategic development decisions the client is considering. We take the last few minutes of the call to discuss the structure, roles, and objectives for the upcoming working session.

6:00 pm
Internal Initiative
Everyone at ClearView volunteers for a variety of internal initiatives. Several colleagues and I plan team building events throughout the year. We use this meeting to finalize the logistics for our summer event, which will include the full ClearView team as well as families and significant others.

6:30 pm
Team Dinner
I am looking forward to a nice dinner with my forecasting project team. We work hard and like to celebrate the completion of our projects. Tonight, we are heading into Boston for some good food and wine at a local bistro. The partner will pick up the tab, so all I have to do is relax and enjoy.

Prep/work Time






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