Strategy Consultants to the Life Sciences Industry


ClearView Healthcare Partners represents an exciting opportunity for professional growth and client impact in the healthcare space. You will experience an entrepreneurial environment, interact with a dynamic group of coworkers committed to mentorship and professional development, provide key recommendations in critical business situations, and develop the professional skills required for success in your chosen career path.

Over time, you will lead projects serving both top and emerging life science companies and develop the capabilities required to support key decision-making by senior executives in such areas as new product planning, business development, clinical development, discovery, and product commercialization. This experience will position you for a diverse set of career options within the life sciences.

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From day one, you will be trained in two distinct disciplines: as a business strategy consultant, and as a pharmaceuticals and healthcare content expert. We dedicate extensive time and energy to ensure our employees are positioned for success starting from day one and continuing through the rest of their careers.

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From its founding, ClearView has emphasized a meritocratic approach to career advancement and promotions. Employees are given transparent feedback in projects that is contextualized by defined career stage expectations. For those who adapt quickly and continue to meet a higher bar, there are no artificial limits to how quickly or how far one can rise.



Applications for Off-Cycle Positions Are Now Being Accepted

ClearView recruits exclusively through our website, on-campus university career offices, and select certified recruiting agencies. If you have applied for a position through a third-party recruiting website (e.g. Ziprecruiter, Indeed) or have been contacted by someone who found your resume through such a website, the posting is fraudulent. For any questions, please contact