Strategy Consultants to the Life Sciences Industry

ClearView’s ability to deliver actionable recommendations to the most complex challenges is derived from a combination of six critical components.


Life Sciences

From large multi-national pharmaceutical companies and emerging biotechs to medical device and diagnostics companies, our work is exclusively focused on the life sciences industry. Our detailed understanding of the industry means we can hit-the-ground running on virtually any project and often have visibility into pan-industry challenges before they widely emerge.



Having a strategic perspective requires knowledge and understanding of how decisions can and will affect our clients’ ability to drive and profitably commercialize innovation. Our global experience combined with our cross-functional expertise across the corporate structure enables us to provide unmatched strategic insight.


Deep Industry
and Scientific

Our consulting team members possess a mix of business, technical, and medical backgrounds. In fact, all of our consultants have formal scientific training from top-tier academic institutions. This combination of backgrounds enables us to work seamlessly across the key functions of a life science company, regardless of the disease state or therapeutic area of focus.


Flexible and

Companies look to us for customized solutions to their most pressing problems, and for the assurance that we will treat their problem as our own. This means our clients get our best thinking every time and a tailored, collaborative, approach to fit their specific needs.


and Network

We support an international client base in the U.S., Europe, and Asia with projects that address global issues spanning established and emerging markets across 40 countries. Our extensive global expert network of patients, providers, and payers supports rapid, high-quality, and customized primary research efforts backed by a database of over 3,000 Key Opinion Leaders in more than 42 therapeutic areas.


Practical and

Our business and scientific expertise allows for a seamless translation of insights gathered from key external stakeholders during our research efforts. Clients benefit from practical and actionable insights and recommendations that reflect a deeper understanding real-world trends and dynamics.